Is Real Estate Overvalued?

AIM Is Real Estate Overvalued

  With what’s going on in the market, everything shifts. Because of that, there’s a lot of panic in the real estate industry. In this episode, Jack Krupey discusses whether real estate is overvalued or not. Although the economy is slowing, there is still a major labor shortage. Jack also explains that the down economy […]

Real Estate Still Safest Bet Even With High Rates/Recession

AIM 15 | Real Estate

  Prices, interest rates, rents, they’re all getting higher and higher. There might even be a potential recession at this point. So if you want to thrive in this current market, listen to this episode. Today in Alternative Investor Mindset, we’ll be discussing how real estate is still the safest bet despite the higher interest […]

Navigating The Real Estate Market During A Downturn With Bill Bymel

AIM 6 | Downturn

  We are on the precipice of a downturn, and many markets will be affected. Here to discuss how you can navigate real estate and protect your assets is Bill Bymel, Founder/CEO of First Lien Capital. He joins Jack Krupey to talk about the potential impacts of the economic shift on different real estate and […]

Last Straw Moment

AIM 2 | Alternative Asset Investments

  What is the alternative investor mindset? In this episode, co-host William Bonati turns the mic over to Jack Krupey to give a proper introduction to the podcast and the last straw moment that led to its creation. The two discuss the inspiration and the motivation behind the show and why they should be your […]