Is Real Estate Overvalued?

AIM Is Real Estate Overvalued

  With what’s going on in the market, everything shifts. Because of that, there’s a lot of panic in the real estate industry. In this episode, Jack Krupey discusses whether real estate is overvalued or not. Although the economy is slowing, there is still a major labor shortage. Jack also explains that the down economy […]

What You Need To Know About HUD Loans With Aaron Krawitz

AIM 20 | HUD Loans

With the current inflationary environment, we are seeing a gap in seller and buyer expectations as well as a pulling back from banks in terms of lending activity. Who do you turn to then? In this episode, Jack Krupey has the guest for you! Aaron Krawitz is the CEO of Bravo Capital, a fully-approved HUD lender nationwide. Aaron […]

Real Estate Still Safest Bet Even With High Rates/Recession

AIM 15 | Real Estate

  Prices, interest rates, rents, they’re all getting higher and higher. There might even be a potential recession at this point. So if you want to thrive in this current market, listen to this episode. Today in Alternative Investor Mindset, we’ll be discussing how real estate is still the safest bet despite the higher interest […]

Overcoming Crisis In A Resilient Self Storage Market With Tom Dunkel

AIM 13 | Self Storage

  If there is one thing we get reminded of every day in our lives, it is that not everything is in our control. Often, the best of us in the industry move along and adapt. Tom Dunkel may have faced a number of challenges in his long career—jumping out of corporate life to entrepreneurial life to […]

Option Alpha: A Better Way To Trading Options With Kirk Du Plessis

AIM 10 | Option Alpha

When it comes to trading options, you need to be educated first before you take action. But with options trading, you may understand a strategy’s ins and outs but still mess up in the execution. This is why people gravitate towards index funds and mutual funds because somebody else has to do it. With Option […]

Stewart Heath

AIM 9 | Harvard Grace Capital

  Real estate is often considered as an alternative investment – and rightfully so. Today’s guest, Harvard Grace Capital CEO Stewart Heath, takes issue with that. He argues that real estate is the only alternative as far as Wall Street frames it as such. To him, real estate is the original investment. Whichever way you […]

Cashflow & Growth Through Self Storage With Lauren Brychell Of Spartan

AIM 8 | Passive Investing In Self-Storage

  Real estate investing can be a chore, but only if you do it alone. Why not hand in the reins and enjoy passive income? Lauren Brychell of Spartan Investment Group has been helping investors passively invest in self-storage. And in this episode, she joins Jack Krupey to tell us all about self-storage investing and why it is a […]

Be Your Own Bank With Tom Laune

AIM 7 | Bulletproof Wealth

If you’ve heard of the infinite banking method of building wealth before, you’d probably thought of it as a genius strategy. But Tom Laune takes it a lot of steps further. Infinite banking is just one of the elements of the Bulletproof Wealth strategy, a holistic approach to wealth building that Tom created and trademarked. […]

Navigating The Real Estate Market During A Downturn With Bill Bymel

AIM 6 | Downturn

  We are on the precipice of a downturn, and many markets will be affected. Here to discuss how you can navigate real estate and protect your assets is Bill Bymel, Founder/CEO of First Lien Capital. He joins Jack Krupey to talk about the potential impacts of the economic shift on different real estate and […]

How To Make The Most Of Tax Benefits For Your Business

AIM 3 | Tax Benefits

  Saving on taxes isn’t typically top of mind for many entrepreneurs. However, you can save so much by making the most out of tax benefits at your disposal. In this episode, Jack Krupey shares how he saved six figures in taxes in 2021 by utilizing some of the strategies. He offers insight on the […]